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About This Project

‘The Indian Voyage’ – the venture started by group of engineers, is a professional company with expertise in wildlife destinations in India and Corbett being most popular of them.  The company was started with the aim of inculcating love for wildlife in the heart of visitors has now has become the favourite of wildlife enthusiasts and lovers. Team of ‘The Indian Voyage’ is constantly making an effort to help government conserve precious wildlife of India by being part of census and campaigns. There has been a constant effort making our clients understand the importance of other forms of life that share the earth with us.

For those with a spirit of adventure and love for wild, we provide options closer to nature, full of adventure even if, at times, the luxuries are at stake. We provide luxurious stay with the essence of nature, for those who wish to experience a taste of the excitement and romance of a traditional safari under canvas, without having to compromise on life’s little luxuries.
Discover India’s famous wilderness regions, home to a spectacular array of species, ranging across a wide variety of landscapes with THE INDIAN VOYAGE.

With our extensive network of naturalists and scientists, both professional and amateur, THE INDIAN VOYAGE is well equipped to meet the needs of leisure travellers as well as serious wildlife enthusiasts.
With thorough knowledge of locations and local contacts we have loads to offer the traveller at every destination to make every stay rejuvenating and exciting.

Glance at the various options, to choose from before you come over, and accordingly plan for the perfect wildlife safari for as per your wish. If you wish for a five star luxury accommodation, you’ll be pampered by choice. However, if you wish for a tough one and wish to experience the wild to the closest, then better be prepared for it.
Think about, how are you going to get around and how long will it take? We make it all possible, from planning a safari that blends adventure and relaxation, to the luxuries and natural simplicity of social experiences and serenity.

“Conservation by means of awareness”. We try to create awareness among general public through tourism. At the same time we try to create interest of an individual in wildlife and make one understand its importance for natural balance. Our aim is to inculcate true wildlife love in people’s hearts rather than making it a lifestyle statement.